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[Updated 3 August 2012]

There are lots of ways to contact us. Please use whichever you like best!



  1. Yes, please send Giles News.

  2. Welcome to Bangkok! Great to pray for you and see you off. Praying that He will sustain you in your knackerdness and the heat. It was a privilege to have you to stay. As Linz said it’s your suite anytime. All for now, but be assured of prayers, thoughts and our love. Will follow up at MK about TS. Dave, Linz and the kids xx

  3. Hello guys! Thank you for prompting me into action to leave a message! Just read the newsletter and think it’s fantastic! Wish I was so clever as to create something so wonderful!!!
    Dave sounds like he is doing a brilliant job in the teaching department! Well done!!
    Just to let you know your house is still standing – they are very lovely neighbours!
    :-) love sarah

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