About us

Hello. We are Sarah and Dave Giles.


Sarah is a freelance writer and editor who specialises in working with charities and Christian publishers. You can read more about that on her website. Sarah likes to think of herself as an environmentalist and dreams of having solar panels on the roof. And keeping ducks. Her favourite things include words, post, stationery, stripes and organising. She is delighted to be an INTJ personality type, which means, amongst other things, that she likes things to work efficiently.

Dave is a freelance web editor, working predominantly with The Salvation Army. He likes trains (specifically, travelling on all available railway lines, but let’s not get in to that). He also likes to play nice thumpy worship music on the piano, preferably with a few glissandos thrown in. His favourite things include bacon pudding, track diagrams, and otters.



  1. Hi, I’m not really commenting on your About us bit but its been a bit of a hassle to log on and it turns out i’m registered from last year so i had to think of passwords and user names. so i’m posting my comments here as its the first space i’ve come across. I’ve just read the entire blog in about 40 minutes(slow reader) and its brilliant, i loved the tentacle picture and the pictures of the children buying chips. The apartment looked lovely too. lots of love from Helen xxx

  2. Hello dear special people,
    We have just spent a week with Mark, Jane, and grandchildren, (plus Four Marks friends), at New Wine. You were (are) very much in our prayers. God holds you in his hands as special people, too.
    Judging by the news, things cannot be easy for you, but what you make a difference to the people around you now – even though that difference may take a long time to become evident – and may never show itself to you.
    We love you and we miss you.
    Rob and Pip Hughes

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