Posted by: Sarah Giles | 12 May 2012

The Gileses get a new kitchen (part two)

Yes yes. Part two has been a long time coming. I am finally writing it now to stop my mother-in-law nagging in response to many requests for an update. So. Here is the Kitchen of Wonder.

Behold! The beautiful oak worktops and the gas hob with wok attachment (optional)!

Be amazed by our magic cupboard which makes things clean!

Gasp in awe at the shiny sink!

And wonder at the marvels that are our clever ‘Le mans’ corner shelves, shown here modelling a Kenwood mixer (2003 edition)!

You may also like to admire the lovely laminate floor (Topps Tiles bargain), the subway-style tiles (Wickes) and the piece of cardboard covering the catflap hole beside the back door (Kelloggs).

Coming soon(ish): details of what else we’ve been doing in the last two months.

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  1. Looks FAB, worth all the hard work & TLC that went into it x

  2. I wondered what the piece of cardboard was for, but didn’t dare mention it. I thought it may have been the result of an Incident involving a Foot and some Pent-up Anger. I’m glad it’s not.

  3. It is very lovely. I am not jealous at all. *cough*

  4. Looks lovely, where did you get your kitchen from and who installed it? We are looking into something similar. Love your blog.

    • Hi Jackie, it’s from Wickes, and we used them to install it too. It’s the one on the front of their brochure!

      • Aww thanks for that, I shall get the brochure!

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