Posted by: Sarah Giles | 13 March 2012

The Gileses get a new kitchen (part one)

This week we’re having a new kitchen installed in the Giles residence. It is all Very Exciting.

  • We will be a dishwasherified household!
  • The sink will drain properly!
  • We’ll have a working, electric oven!

And, no doubt, the sun will shine more brightly, all our troubles will cease and little bunnies will hop contentedly about in our garden.


These are the ‘before’ pictures.

All fairly inoffensive, certainly better than the kitchen of our house in Thailand, but a more than a bit shabby round the edges. Broken handles, worn-out worktop, and a general air of not having been cared for much since it was installed in the 80s. The gas cooker was unreliable and the storage just wasn’t very clever (note our delightful mixing-bowl-on-chopping-boards-on-microwave-on-fridge-freezer masterpiece above). And the less said about the sink the better.

So. Having chosen and ordered the shiny new kitchen six weeks ago, all the kit arrived on Friday.

And on Saturday we sprang into action, washing and painting the walls and ceiling. Some parts had once been white but were now brown and greasy. Nice. The ceiling got two coats of white and the walls a liberal dose of ‘unused pot of blue that we found in a cupboard and don’t remember buying’, aka Focus’s Blue Orient. We also painted a blackboard wall for writing shopping lists and messages on. We are very taken with it. (The blackboard paint is from Wilkinson’s.)

Yesterday morning, the fitters arrived at 8.30. It took them about 2 hours to remove all trace of the old kitchen: units, cooker, tiles… gone. Marvellous. And by the time they left at 4.00, they’d installed about half of the new units. And done a bit of the painting we’d not been able to get at before (above the extractor hood). And swept the floor. We like them.

After they’d left, we did a bit more painting of bits we’d missed or not been able to reach before, then zoomed over to Basingstoke to get another 2m² of lovely white subway tiles and some new socket fronts (the old ones were all mismatched). Then we came home, Mr Giles cleaned a bit of grotty wall behind where the sink unit used to be, and that was the end of day 1.

Today there’s a lot of loud drilling going on (making a channel along the wall to plumb in the washing machine in its new position). Something electrical, also involving the bashing out of a new channel in the wall, is happening as I type. And we’re expecting a plumber and/or an electrician to come and join the fitters at some point soon. Meanwhile we are happily making cups of tea in the living room, doing the washing up in the bath, and looking forward to the weekend when it will all be complete and we can find new, sensible homes for all our kitcheny things (which are currently residing in some very odd locations all over the house).

Watch this space for part two.

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  1. ‘Giles News’ is like buses! LOL

    We went through a similar experience nearly two years ago. It’ll be worth it.

    God bless!

  2. *Watches space*

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