Posted by: David Giles | 20 December 2011

‘Twas the week before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas
and, ’spite our great nous,
we Gileses aren’t festive –
we’re about to move house

There’s no tree in the window,
no goose in the fridge.
All our worldly belongings
boxed up – infra dig!

The long house-moving saga
began back in spring
when we found a new home; thought
‘we’d like to move in’.

Our offer was accepted;
our Pine Road house ‘sold’
but the purchasers pulled out –
our best-laid plans bowled.

Weeks and months then elapsed;
a new agent appointed
(much better than the last one,
their systems less disjointed).

Then while sunning ourselves
(the Italian/Swiss lakes) –
three viewings, then an offer
firmed up – no mistakes.

Found a new house in Hampshire
that gave us a glow.
Four bedrooms and a garden,
on the flood meadow.

We started the ‘fun’ of the
mortgage application
(as self-employed types,
not a pleasant sensation)

Tax returns and accountants,
surveys, legal mess.
‘Twas a minefield and stressful
throughout, we confess.

At times, twas so maddening –
solicitors: boo hoo!
(exchange of contracts delayed
by their Christmas do!)

After months of (to us) in-
explicable delays,
we’ve today exchanged contracts,
uttered fulsome hurrays.

Ergo we’ll be moving on
22nd December –
the shortest day of the year
and one to remember.

We look forward to welcoming
you to our new home.
But for now, ‘Happy Christmas’
marks the end of this poem.

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  1. What a wonderful poem! Gosh how you could write this while being very stressed beats me. And you’ve got to get garlands and Christmas tree up in the new abode as well. Not to forget the festive perishables!

    Our son moved a couple of weeks ago and we thought that was too near Christmas!

    Thoughts and prayers go out to you as you start a new chapter of your life together!


  2. William McGonagall lives on!

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